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How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move

Ann Arbor MoversAnn Arbor MoversFor many people, moving is a long, often challenging process that creates a lot of stress. Long-distance moves pose their own unique set of challenges. Whether you’re moving to a neighboring state or across the country, there’s plenty to do before the Ann Arbor movers from Glass City Movers show up. Here are just a few things to cross off your to-do list when you’re preparing:

  • Cleaning – Leaving your old home better than you found it is an excellent way to make its next residents feel welcome. Not only that, it gives you a chance to inspect each part of your home’s interior. This way, you can check for minor cosmetic damage, as well as make sure you haven’t overlooked packing anything.
  • Packing – While it’s a given that you’ll be packing before your move, have you given thought to your packing strategy? Certain items, such as cleaning supplies, dishes, and legal documents should be packed after everything else for quick, convenient access.
  • Document Gathering – Take time to hunt down and gather all the documents that are essential to your move, such as your lease paperwork, inspection forms, and personal identification. If you experience any miscommunications during your move, you’ll be glad to have these papers readily available.

Real Movers vs. Scam Movers

Ann Arbor MoversYou may not realize this, but there are many people out there running scam moving companies to get money out of good, honest people who merely want assistance with a move. Here are a few ways to tell if you are dealing with a scammer:

  • Answering the Phone – If you call a number for a mover that you have found on a website or business card, and they do not say their name when they answer, you may be dealing with a scam. Any professional business would say their company name when they answer the phone.
  • Quotes – A reputable mover will be able to provide you with a free and easy quote for their services. If the company says there is a fee for a quote, it is crucial that you hang up the phone and never call that business ever again.
  • Customer Communication – You want to work with a specialist who is always willing to answer any question you have about their services, no matter how minute. They may not be scammers if they brush you off, but they are certainly not decent human beings.

Hire a reputable company like Glass City Movers to help you with your next move. We are the business to call when you are seeking Ann Arbor movers. It does not matter if you are moving out of town or around the block – we can help you.

How You Can Support Your Movers

Ann Arbor Movers Are you unsure of what you can do while the movers are working in your home? We have put together a small list of ways you can make the move go by quickly:

  • Take Care of Any Last-Minute Issues – Whether you have realized that you forgot to pack up the stuff in your linen closet or are noticing a bunch of old junk in your garage, you can take this time to toss any of these extra items into additional boxes you have lying around.
  • Start Packing Valuables – Do you have some valuable items that you wouldn’t trust with a member of your own family? While our movers are helping with your other possessions, you should take the time to pack any essential valuables in your vehicle for the move.
  • Sit Back and Let Your Movers Work – You may be tempted to start directing the movers while they are working, but you should hold back. You have selected these movers for a reason. They are trustworthy individuals who are mindful and willing to work hard to make your move as efficient as possible.

Hire the Ann Arbor movers at Glass City Movers for local and nationwide services. As long as we can get there with our trucks, our team is happy to help you with your next move.