What to Sell at Your Yard Sale

Local Movers in Ann Arbor, MIOne of the best parts of moving is planning a yard sale! Yard sales can be a lot of fun and are an excellent opportunity to make a little extra money for your move. As you are packing up, you should see which items are perfect for your moving sale.

Once you have packed up all of the items that are going to your home, it’s time to figure out what selections are worth selling at a yard sale and what goes in the garbage. This means you have to take an honest look at the items to figure out if it will sell at a yard sale. You may want to put things like kitchen appliances that still work, old music collections, and toys that are not damaged in your yard sale pile. All you have to do is make sure these selections are in good shape.

Additionally, you should make sure you never charge too much for the items you are selling. Do not be afraid to negotiate with someone, as people will be making offers all day long. Consider the fact that you will have to figure out what to do with all of your leftover stuff once the sale has ended.

After your yard sale has ended, hire the crew at Glass City Movers to assist you. Whether you need local movers in Ann Arbor, MI, or long-distance movers in Perrysburg, OH, we have you covered.