Changing Your Cleaning Habits After Moving

Moving to a new home is your chance to change the way you live. Once you have unpacked everything and put it away, this is your chance to change your cleaning habits. Here are a few ways you can start the process:

  • Start Small – It may be as simple as cleaning the dishes right after you finish dinner or making sure you throw away any junk mail before it gets piled up next to the door – starting these simple tasks and sticking with them is a great way to keep your home nice and clean at all times.
  • Put a Stop to Clutter – Everyone knows that clutter can pile up pretty quickly. It’s hard to clean it up because it becomes a part of the landscape in your home. You can take this opportunity to stop clutter before it even starts. Put away a book after you are done reading, recycle your old magazines, and clean off your bedside table once a week.
  • Make Your Bed – You may hate to do it, but there is nothing like a clean bed that has been made to make you feel like you are accomplishing things in the morning. It will make your room look more relaxing, as well as inspire you to make other positive changes in your home.

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