Getting Your Security Deposit Back

Local Movers in Ann Arbor, MIEveryone who moves out of an apartment or a rental home is worried about getting their security deposit back. Our experts are proud to share some tips to help you with the process:

  • Take Pictures – It does not matter if you are moving in or moving out, you need to take a lot of pictures of your property to show what it looks like. If there are any problem areas that have not been touched by the landlord the entire time you were there, you need to have proof, or they will charge you for it.
  • Work with Your Friends – Bring a friend over to your home to check out your house or apartment before you leave. You can do a mock inspection with them or have them walk around and take a look at everything. They will frequently see issues you may have missed.
  • Hire a Cleaner – If you know that your cleaning skills are just not good enough to get your deposit back, there is no shame in hiring a professional cleaner to help you. A specialist may cost a few extra bucks, but they will make sure everything looks great before you move.

Make your move as simple as possible when you work with Glass City Movers. Whether you are seeking local movers in Ann Arbor, MI, or are looking for long-distance help in Toledo, OH, our specialists are available to assist you.